Hi, I'm Erin.

I write about things like addiction, recovery, mental health, relationships, parenting, infertility, self-care, and my undying love for Beverly Hills, 90210. 

My work has been featured many places, including Marie Claire,  SELFEsquireCosmopolitan, The Manifest-Station, and Cosmonauts Avenue. My weekly advice column, Ask Erin, can be read on Ravishly

My latest project is a forthcoming memoir that follows my recovery from a 15-year struggle with heroin addiction, as I learned to let go of shame, face the truth, and love and forgive myself. 


I Write To Make You Feel Less Alone 

Someone once asked me, about my writing, “Don’t you want to leave all that mess behind you?” When we write the truth, when we write about our experiences, we reflect. We reflect back emotions, situations, life. I write what I know, what I’ve learned, and about the road that got me from there to here. We turn to art and make art to feel less alone, to stir something, to think, to breathe, to dream, to recover. I have said this before and it remains true for me — I have no desire to run from my past, "to leave all that mess behind me." That mess is part of me, that mess has brought me here today. I hope that by sharing with you, I make you feel less alone. 


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